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DAS is a proven leader in providing geospatial solutions for the construction and operation of power generation, transmission, and distribution facilities.
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200 Mile Transmission Line Survey

DAS Acquired 4.5cm imagery and 40ppsm plus LiDAR data covering 4,840 acres, including Aerial Triangulation, LiDAR data processing and point cloud classification, PLS-CADD data modeling, and Weather data collection an association. Deliverables included Classified LiDAR point cloud file in LAS, PLS-CADD Model Data, Associated weather data, and 0.25-Ft ground resolution digital orthophotography in enhanced compression wavelet (ECW).

153 Mile Transmission Line In New Mexico

DAS Acquired 15cm imagery and 20ppsm LiDAR data for a 153 mile transmission line, including Aerial Triangulation, LiDAR data processing and point cloud classification, Stereo Compilation of all visible surface improvements and breakline, and DTM of LiDAR bare earth points and photogrammetric breaklines. Deliverables included 1" = 100' Planimetric mapping in 2D and 3D AutoCAD DWG format 3D 2-Ft contour data in AutoCAD DWG, 3D DTM (includes 3D planimetric features) in AutoCAD DWG, 0.50-Ft ground resolution digital orthophotography in enhanced compression wavelet (ECW), orthophoto index map in DGN, KMZ, and PDF format showing the location of each orthophoto panel, Bare Earth LiDAR point file in LAS, and LiDAR Calibration Report.

42 Mile Transmission Line in Central Texas

DAS Acquired 5cm imagery covering 5,063 acres, including Aerial Triangulation, Automatic Terrain Extraction, and Digital elevation model Compilation. Deliverables included 0.25-Ft ground resolution digital orthophotography in enhanced compression wavelet (ECW) format.

Our Power Utilities Solutions

Analysis & Analytics

DAS Geospatial provides expert data processing and analysis for many industries. Our geospatial solutions include engineer-design level maps, LiDAR classification and feature extraction, point cloud colorization, and a wide variety of industry-specific analytics, from transportation to mines and landfills.

Survey Services

DAS Geospatial provides expert aerial survey services for any industry. Our geospatial solutions include GPS ground control surveys, topographic surveys, terrestrial LiDAR, and bathymetric surveys.

Aerial Mapping

DAS Geospatial provides expert aerial mapping for any size project and industry. Our geospatial solutions include design-level maps, digital orthophotography, contour maps, planimetric maps, GIS feature collection, DEM/DTM, basemaps, corridor maps, 3D animated fly throughs, vegetation maps, and facility mapping.

Aerial LiDAR

DAS Geospatial provides expert aerial LiDAR for commercial, industrial, and transportation applications. Our geospatial solutions include end-to-end LiDAR data acquisition from mobile and terrestrial platforms complete with data processing and engineer design level point clouds.

Aerial Photography

DAS Geospatial provides expert aerial photography for any industry. Our aerial photography solutions include oblique imagery, near-infrared imagery, aerial video, thermal imagery, and construction progress imagery.

Power Utilities Use Cases

Leverage DAS for preliminary route selection and post construction as-built design for your next power transmission project. Our geospatial solutions can assist your team with surface modeling, facility management, utility asset mapping, easement analysis, and coal stockpile volume calculation and change detection. Plus, structure photography and digital, color, full motion, and forward looking 45-degree video provide an up-to-date view of your assets even in the most remote locations.

Our power utilities clients also rely on DAS to capture localized weather data, survey right of way (ROW), and manage vegetation and encroachment issues.

A Legacy of Innovation

For more than 45 years, DAS has continuously incorporated the latest technologies to deliver best-in-class geospatial solutions for our power utility clients, from fixed wing, helicopter, UAV, and ground-based platforms to data processing, analytics, and engineer design level mapping. DAS provides aerial imagery, LiDAR data collection, and digital orthophotography to empower you to drive infrastructure engineering designs and decisions with high quality topographic maps, planimetric feature extraction and attribution, digital terrain models, remote sensing, and more.