What we do

Markets we serve


DAS is a proven leader in delivering tailored geospatial solutions to the transportation sector, from highways and roads to rail and transit systems.

Water Management

We work with municipal agencies and private companies to deliver the geospatial solutions needed to design, construct, and monitor water management infrastructure and wastewater facilities.


DAS delivers FAA compliant geospatial solutions to support airport infrastructure, expansion, and improvement.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy operators rely on DAS to support solar and wind projects with end-to-end geospatial solutions, from site development to ongoing operations.

Mining & Landfills

DAS helps mining and landfill operators manage engineering projects and monitor their assets with our full range of geospatial solutions that can be deployed to the most remote sites.

Oil & Gas

DAS is a leading provider of geospatial solutions to the oil & gas industry where our ability to access remote sites and cover large trats of land supports well construction and midstream infrastructure.

Power Utilities

DAS is a proven leader in providing geospatial solutions for the construction and operation of power generation, transmission, and distribution facilities.

Land Development

Whether greenfield development or expansion and improvement of existing land development sites, DAS provides the engineer design level maps you need.