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Aerial Mapping

DAS Geospatial provides expert aerial mapping for any size project and industry. Our geospatial solutions include design-level maps, digital orthophotography, contour maps, planimetric maps, GIS feature collection, DEM/DTM, basemaps, corridor maps, 3D animated fly throughs, vegetation maps, and facility mapping.

“Our team turns to DAS for all of our airport infrastructure mapping needs, from obstruction surveys and vegetation encroachment analysis to periodic updates to our electronic airport layout plan.”

Director of Operations at Midwest Airport

Digital Orthophotography

At DAS Geospatial, we are experts in the complex science of orthophotography, combining the latest tech and skillsets to process and deliver engineer design-level maps. Our orthophotographic imagery is geo-corrected to ensure that each pixel aligns with longitude and latitude lines, providing our clients with the precision needed for construction, engineering, and transportation projects.

GIS Feature Collection with Attributes

DAS Geospatial remains on the forefront of data acquisition with our comprehensive aerial platforms that include fixed wing, helicopter, and UAV/drones. We deliver aerial mapping data as a complete GIS layer ready for analysis with precisely located features and their attributes, ideally suited for many commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications.

Flexible Aerial Mapping Solutions

We consult with every client on their unique project requirements, delivering tailored mapping solutions while balancing speed and cost. DAS Geospatial provides unmatched expertise in contour mapping, planimetric mapping, corridor mapping, vegetation mapping, and facility mapping (from oil & gas and renewable energy to water management and aviation).

Analysis-Ready to Accelerate Project Timelines

DAS Geospatial prides itself in delivering fast and cost-effective aerial mapping solutions with engineer design-level accuracy. We will deliver project data in exactly the format you need, such as digital elevation models, digital terrain models, and basemaps ready for use in your GIS or CAD programs. Plus, a variety of video formats and 3D animated fly through of aerial mapping projects.

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487 Acre Development Site

DAS Acquired 5cm imagery and 2 to 4 ppsm LiDAR data for a 487 acre development site, including Ground survey and aerial targeting, Aerial Triangulation, LiDAR data processing, Stereo Compilation of all visible surface improvements and breaklines, and DTM of LiDAR bare earth points and photogrammetric breaklines. Deliverables included 1"=50' 2D and 3D planimetric mapping in AutoCAD DWG, 3D one (1)-foot contour data in AutoCAD DWG, 3D DTM data (includes 3D planimetric features) in AutoCAD DWG, 0.25-foot ground resolution digital orthophotography in enhanced compression wavelet (ECW), and Ground control.

Louisville International Airport Obstruction Survey

DAS acquired 1”=700’ black and white photography for an obstruction survey, including Aerial Triangulation, Stereo Compilation, 3D vector, and elevation model of the Obstruction Identification Surface (OIS), with all determined obstructions digitized according to the National Map Accuracy Standards. Deliverables included SDF 405 Obstruction Survey Meeting FAA’s Airport GIS Standards).

San Patricio Co. Wind Farm

DAS Acquired 7cm imagery and 2ppsm LiDAR data for a 39,281-acre wind farm site, including Aerial Triangulation, Stereo Compilation of all visible surface improvements, and DTM of LiDAR bare earth points and photogrammetric breaklines. Deliverables included 1"=20' Scale planimetric mapping in AutoCAD DWG, one (1)-foot contour data in AutoCAD DWG, DTM data in AutoCAD DWG, and one (1)-inch-foot ground resolution digital orthophotography in ECW.