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Aerial Photography

DAS Geospatial provides expert aerial photography for any industry. Our aerial photography solutions include oblique imagery, near-infrared imagery, aerial video, thermal imagery, and construction progress imagery.

“We have relied on Das for more than 15 years as our go-to partner for reliable and responsive aerial photography, which has always exceeded my firm’s expectations.”

Project Manager at a Houston-Based Engineering Firm

Oblique Imagery

DAS Geospatial is a specialist in oblique imagery, which unlike traditional orthophotography utilizes an array of cameras to acquire images at a downward angle between 40° to 50° to the ground. Our oblique imagery offers 3D information of ground objects from different views, providing both top surface information and the side of objects (e.g., building facade).

Thermal and Near-Infrared Imagery

Rely on Das Geospatial for your thermographic imaging needs to support large-acreage projects, leak detection, asset inspections, and agricultural remote sensing, among other applications. We also offer near infrared imaging (NIR), which provides a number of commercial, industrial, and agricultural uses, such as vegetation management and analysis of impervious surfaces, pollution, and other features.

Aerial Video & Construction Progress

We offer expert aerial video acquisition for rapid change detection and object tracking, an effective tool for monitoring projects over time such as construction progress. With the option to annotate/document project flyover using cockpit voice recorder, our aerial video integrates GPS data and automates image processing to improve image accuracy while minimizing costs.

Fixed Wing, Helicopter & UAV Platforms

Unlike most aerial photography providers, DAS Geospatial offers a complete spectrum of platforms to meet project requirements, including fixed wing, helicopter, and UAV. Depending on the location, acreage size, and design specifications, we work with each client to fit our aerial platforms to the project, balancing speed, cost, and quality.

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Annual Update of 23 Landfill Sites in Multiple States

As part of a 3-year contract to provide annually updated aerial mapping of the municipal landfill sites to support airspace monitoring, volume calculation, and change detection, DAS acquired 5cm - 7.5cm imagery and 2-4ppsm LiDAR data, including Aerial Triangulation, ATE processing, and Stereo Compilation of visible surface improvements and breaklines. Deliverables included 1"=50' Scale planimetric mapping in AutoCAD DWG, one (1)-foot contour data in AutoCAD DWG, DTM data in AutoCAD DWG, 0.25-foot ground resolution digital orthophotography in ECW, and Color Prints-Photo Quality Paper.

42 Mile Transmission Line in Central Texas

DAS Acquired 5cm imagery covering 5,063 acres, including Aerial Triangulation, Automatic Terrain Extraction, and Digital elevation model Compilation. Deliverables included 0.25-Ft ground resolution digital orthophotography in enhanced compression wavelet (ECW) format.

ALTA Survey Site

DAS Acquired 2.0cm imagery and produced high-resolution digital orthophotography and planimetric mapping for a 12.7 acre site, including Aerial Triangulation, Stereo Compilation of all visible surface improvements, and DTM of mass points and breaklines. Deliverables included 1"=20' Scale planimetric mapping in an AutoCAD DWG and 0.07-foot ground resolution digital orthophotography in ECW.