Why Aerial?

Get Design Level Accuracy with Cost-Effective and Flexible Aerial Mapping

Our geospatial solutions deliver engineer design level maps 10x faster than land-based surveys. Not only is aerial mapping faster, but it is also cheaper and more flexible. The larger your project area, the lower the cost is per acre. And the longer the route, the lower the cost is per mile.

When Does Aerial Mapping Make Sense?

Satellite-based solutions, such as Google Maps, can provide a first step in planning out your aerial survey, however satellite acquired maps are low resolution, inconsistent, and all too often months or more out of date.  With vertical accuracy up to 0.1’ and horizontal accuracy up to 0.2’, DAS Geospatial delivers design level accuracy.  Leverage our expertise in photogrammetric mapping, orthophotography, topographic mapping, planimetric feature extraction, digital terrain models (DTMs), digital elevation models (DEMS), centerline mapping and volumetric measurement.  DAS Geospatial also provides aerial video and obliques.

Aerial mapping will empower your team to acquire time-sensitive data in a fraction of the time while enabling unrestricted access to remote and hazardous locations.  And with our geospatial solutions, there is no need to revisit and redraw, DAS Geospatial can remotely change and update the data over the life of the project.

Aerial and Land Surveys, Better Together

Das Geospatial is an expert in aerial mapping and data acquisition platforms, including fixed, rotary, and UAS.  Our highly specialized skillsets complement the services of engineering firms and land-based surveyors.  Take advantage of our geospatial solutions for 90% of your project requirements and pare with land solutions for legal descriptions, more granular as-built surveys, and smaller projects.